February 15th, 2009


SwordReader Development Update

You may have noticed that this initial beta build is a bit slow loading large chapters, especially when footnotes or strongs numbers are turned on. We have determined that most of this slowness is in the SWORD Engine as a result we have been working closely with the engineers at CrossWire Bible Society trying to track down the source of this and resolve it. So far we have made some progress and hope to make more in the coming days. Keep checking back for a new beta build as we address this issue.


The SwordReader Team

February 2nd, 2009


SwordReader Beta 1 Released

After more than a year of development, I am happy to announce the first beta version is ready for testing.

This release has 95% of all the functionality I expect to have in a 2.0 release. I plan to spend however long it takes in the beta phase to have a solid first 2.0 release. I can use all the feedback and testers I can get in order to achieve this goal.

This current build has support for biblical texts, commentaries, and dictionaries.
Biblical texts have support for strongs/morph pop ups as well as footnotes and cross-references.
Commentaries have support for scriptural reference pop-ups.
Dictionaries should have support for scriptural references, but as of yet they do not.
All views can be accessed from the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Known issues:
If you switch from the bible view to a commentary view while the text is still loading, then try to load a scriptural reference from the commentary, there is a good chance you will crash the application.
Smartphone support is not included in this build. Not sure when we will get Smartphone support back.

Grab a copy at (includes KJV):
SwordReader PocketPC Beta 1

To have any fun you will want to grab a few bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, and strong's greek and hebrew modules.

Some suggested modules:

Installation is tricky. Un-zip the zip files into the root directory of where you installed SwordReader
For example if you installed it onto the device it is:
/Program Files/swordreader/
If you installed it onto a storage card it is:
/Storage Card/Program Files/swordreader/

Please use the mobile-devel list to discuss this build, and use http://mantis.swordreader.org to report bugs which will allow me to track and fix them efficiently.